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  • What are the Check-in and Check-out times?
    Times are different depending on the type of Ice Shack. Bunk House and Eye-hunter: check-in is anytime after 12 Noon and checkout is by 10am the next day Social Shanty : check-in is anytime after 10am and checkout is by 9am the next day Social Shanty Senior Sunday: check-in is anytime after 10am and checkout by 5pm NOTE: check-in/check-out can be flexible depending on if the shack is already rented before or after your reservation. Contact us to see if you can check-in early or check-out late.
  • Is there early check-in or late check-out available?
    You can check with us to see if it is available. This will depend on numerous factors including whether or not the shack is rented by someone else before or after your rental.
  • Where do we meet when we arrive?
    The location will change depending on where we have the ice shack located. We will provide directions to a place on shore and then escort you to the ice shack.
  • What do we need to bring?
    We have a page to detail what to expect and what to bring.
  • What fish species are in Lake Newell?
    The most popular species caught here are Northern Pike, Walleye, Whitefish, Burbot and Yellow Perch. Lake Newell is know for large Northern Pike and Walleyes.
  • Do I need a fishing license?
    Yes. All people fishing between 16-65 require a license. You can purchase a license online
  • What is the booking procedure?
    50% of reservation is paid at the time of booking. Damage deposit and the remainder of the reservation is due on or before reservation date. Damage deposit is returned upon completion of check-out inspection.
  • What is the ice fishing season for Lake Newell?
    The start of the season will depend on the weather and the ice depth. Starting date can be anytime from the end of November to as late as New Years. Lake Newell has a specific end of season date and it is March 15. If you want to get an early start, then send us an email and we will contact you once the season start.
  • Can you keep the fish?
    It depends on the type of fish and the regulations at the time. Refer to the Alberta Fishing regulations
  • Can I request the Ice Shack to be located in a specific location?
    All ice shacks will be located in a predetermined location ready for rental. For multiple day rentals we may allow moving the shack within a certain radius. You are required to ask before moving the ice shack.
  • What kind of bait should I bring?
    Depending on the species of fish that you are targeting you will want smelts, herring, minnows, worms or maggots. If you are wanting to catch a specific type of fish and want to know more then ask us for recommendations. We do sell some types of bait so you can also buy from us. See the Odd-On options page for out bait options.
  • Are pets allowed?
    Pets are allowed but we ask that you keep them off the beds.
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