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About Lake Newell

Lake Newell is located in Parkland Prairie (Pp1) Zone, Alberta, Canada with a size of 66.9 sqkm.  It is know for having very large Pike and Walleye.  There are also Perch, Burbot, Whitefish in the lake.


Lake Newell is a large man-made reservoir in southern Alberta, Canada. The reservoir was filled in 1914 through the construction of the Bassano Dam by CP Rail. It was named after T.H. Newell, a landowner and irrigation expert.


The shallow lake has an average depth of 4.8 metres (16 ft) with a maximum depth of 19.8 metres (65 ft)

Irrigation canals are built between the lake and the Bow River, as well as in the agricultural area north and east of the lake. Kinbrook Island Provincial Park was established in the eastern shore of the lake on November 14, 1951

Lake Newell has a few different fish breeds and it is best known for large Pike and Walleye. Check out the sportfishing regulations for the Parkland Prairie Zone (Pp1) to know which species can be harvested from the lake and which are catch and release only.


Lake Newell is located 14 kilometres (8.7 mi) south of the city of Brooks or two hours southeast of Calgary. Head east on the Trans-Canada Highway to Brooks.

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