Winter Ice Shack Rentals

The ice fishing season is rapidly approaching, so book your ice shack now before the dates are all taken. 

* NEW * The shacks are on the Lake and we have an ice depth of 12 inches as of Dec 3, 2022.   Lets go fishing!!!!

We are offering a seniors discount of 50% in the Social Shanty on Sundays.

We have added a new bunk-house shack that is 50% bigger to serve you even better this winter.

Having the comfort of an insulated, hard walled shack in winter to keep out the cold and wind is indispensable and a wood stove makes the experience almost as good as home.

Ice shacks are known by many names : ice cabins, ice houses, ice huts, ice shanty, fishing shanty, etc.  By whatever name you prefer we can help you to get more enjoyment from your ice fishing experience.

Our ice shacks are setup on Lake Newell near Brooks, Alberta, about 2 hours east of Calgary, AB.

Ice Fishing is a great way to enjoy the winter for a couple, a family or a group of friends.


Custom Ice Shacks

Want to own a custom ice shack?
Contact us and we can build one for you. 

Our experience in building ice shacks gives us a lot of knowledge on what works in an Ice Shack and how to keep the costs down.


Choose a size and the options you want to see and our team can build it for you.


Plan for a guided fishing charter in the summer.

Guided Fishing Tours in the Brooks, Alberta area.

We are offering open water fishing charters on 3 lakes. 
(Lake Newell, Rolling Hills Reservoir and Crawling Valley Reservoir)

Experienced Fishing Guides

The Brooks, Alberta area (2 hours east of Calgary) has some great lakes to explore and catch incredible fish that will leave a lasting memory and provide some great photo opportunities. Enjoy a fun time with a guide in some of the best fishing spots in Alberta. We pride ourselves on giving our clients a great experience and the opportunity to catch lake monsters that have escaped their grasp previously. Our customers enjoy the thrill of reeling in Northern Pike, Walleye, Perch and Burbot on every trip we charter.  The lakes in this area are well know for providing large fish.  Our guides are local to the area and have been fishing on these lakes for many years.